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About Me.

I began my self healing journey unwillingly (as most of us do), when the universe caused...well... let me just say that I lost my family, my home, my support network, sense of security and self esteem, as I plummeted into homelessness. As I was (I speak in metaphors a lot), drowning, I still held that whiskey bottle high above my head as if using two arms to swim was OUT of the question! Alcohol was the MOST important thing, back then, because I didn't feel AT ALL safe, loved, accepted, understood, or even comfortable in my own skin. The universe (I was soo distant from God) had no choice but to obliterate my middle class life in order to expand my soul and initiate a vivid understanding of my purpose. ​ I spent two years in an agonizing twigh-light zone of abandonment, moral injury, cptsd, fear and desperation, before divine intervention finally rescued me. In a jail cell, 1000 miles from home, I realized my defeat. I had nothing, noone and nowhere left to run. I had absolutely nobody to turn to, but God. I understand now that he's all I' ever needed and has always been with me. I introspected and connected with my spirit for 62 days before I was acquitted. It was just long enough for me to read "A Purpose Driven Life", to get sober, get real, and to remember Christ Consciousness. I've always been good enough! ​ I'm not on this planet to avoid challenges, rejection, or suffering... it is All to be counted as joy, for they lead to the discovery of one's depth & breadth; the discovery of oneself; the I AM. Before I experienced adversity I wasn't capable of fully embracing my divinity, humility, generosity, STRENGTH, compassion, resilience and enlightenment. The first will go last and the last will be first. People won't remember you for what you did or said or had. People will remember you by the way you made them feel.


I am a lightworker with magnificent healing abilities. I'm an Artist, an INFJ, a Scorpio Sun; Leo Moon, a Neurodivergent, a Lifepath 11, an Indigo mother of 5 starseed sons. I'm a child of God, and of a narcissistic mother only 16 years my senior. I'm an addict, a Prodigal, a wounded warrior Healer who became a certified HHP, Reiki Master, Level3 student of Healing Touch, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Peer support specialist, Homelessness expert, and a fierce Advocate for those with no voice.


My business is named Indigo Om Energy because during my Reiki attunement I saw the most vivid and powerful ultra violet light in my 3rd eye, radiating out, and the only way I could describe the experience was as an Indigo Om Energy. It wasn't until years later that I realized I was an Indigo. I have spent the last 10 years completely overhauling myself and these are some things that I believe to be true...


The butterfly effect. Everything we think, feel, and say travels outward and effects everything in existence. We're all swimming in an ocean of atoms. Energy is everything and we get to decide if we are waves or particles. (Think light, music, movement, love vs materialism, money, substances, flesh.



Your Spirit is the only thing that cannot be taken and will never die. "To thine self be True". You are not your body and in a world where you can be anything, why not be yourself?

Always Trust your Intuition!


Nature has every cure.

Allopathic medicine is not all bad. Yet, other humans are not always smarter than one's own mind, body and spirit.

Mind DOES preside Over ANY matter.

Symptoms are not causes and popping the heads off of dandelions doesn't disable their source. Breath your faith upon one, and you'll end up with more roots :)

Finding one's Purpose, Connecting with community and Being of Service are Anti-venoms for substance use and attachment disorders.


God is good, ALL of the time and All things work together for your good. Faith, and faith alone, is God's currency.

We are all in this together and are embodiments of The Most High; each of us having a divine purpose. The time has come to get our heads out of each-others asses and into making our dreams come true through intentional unification with the sacred essence, consciousness, energy, and manifestation of God's will.



Holistic Health does not just "happen". Educate and DE-program yourself, Love and Nurture yourself. 

God's first commandment to us is to love one another as we love OURSELVES. Hurt people hurt people but Unconditional love and acceptance will heal all of the world's problems. 

Q: What is the mission of Indigo Synergy?
A: At Indigo Synergy, our mission is to help individuals connect with their inner wisdom and tap into their higher purpose. We believe that everyone has the power to embrace their spirituality and find greater meaning and fulfillment in life.

Q: How can Indigo Synergy support my spiritual growth?
A: Indigo Synergy offers a range of tools, resources, and guidance to support your spiritual growth and development. From guided meditations and workshops to personalized coaching sessions, we provide a variety of ways to help you connect with your inner self and find greater purpose in life.

Q: What sets Indigo Synergy apart from other spiritual wellness platforms?
A: At Indigo Synergy, we believe in taking a holistic approach to spiritual wellness, incorporating practices from a variety of disciplines and traditions. Our focus is on helping individuals find their unique path to spiritual growth and fulfillment, rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach.

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I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship.I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings.My wisdom flows from the Highest Source.I salute that Source in you.Let us work together for unity and harmony.Peace and Love to all!Desiree Anthony- Owner, Practitioner

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