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What is Sacred Sexuality for healing?

Sacred sexuality is ultimately a spiritual practice.

"Sexuality itself is a sacred life force and the conceiving power in the universe. When we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing, desire and passion, and in the blissful unifying act produces immense healing for our bodies and souls".

​With a Sacred intimate you experience sacred embodiment. You reserve the right to choose your own desires. You express your desires without shame and share authentically who you are in each moment. Sacred embodiment means you feel safe in your own body.

It is a path where the practitioner uses sex and intimacy as a way to transcend the ordinary mundane world of duality and separation and enter into the domain of profound states of ecstasy and love, union, healing and wholeness.

Sacred sex, is sexiness in a whole new way. 
You can practice sacred sex without a partner. You'll discover and experience your own sensuality completely!

I'm a huge fan of "mutual masterbation" for those abstaining from genital exchanges or preferring one's own rythym and/or touch.

My pineal gland is more active & satisfying in my 40's than in my young "orgasm headache" years.

I'd love to encourage you to reach that ultimate Kundalini activation.
Sessions end with happy beginnings; as the expansion of  life force energy will continue to delight your mind, body and soul indefinitely. 

1. Connect to your spirituality.
We are in this consciousness, in temporary bodies having an animal to learn through, and to ENJOY, our 5 senses. We are meant to explore and appreciate Mother Earth and the fellow souls in this concurrent human predicament.

Recognize sex as part of this spiritual academy. Feeling guilty or embarrassed? Please don't. Sex is SUPPOSED to be natural, expansive, delighted in and experienced freely with consenting partners and within the realms of both boundaries, desires and liberation.


2. Choose to understand your partner as a divine entity and not an imperfect being.
Embrace the divine expression of lifeforce exchanged with your partner's essence.
Even the spouse who's neck you'd like to ring, is a worthy child of the perfect creator.  Expand your heart as you surrender all judgment of the person God himself has provided you with.

Embrace the act of sex as worship of your partner and a sacred representation of the divine—no matter how different you imagine these things to be. You get out of it what you put into it. Exercise your devotion muscle. Fake it till you make it.

By holding this highest vision for your partner, you will be loving them into their best expression of their divine design. This is truly divine principle in action. Yes, you are a healer now.


3. Create the environment in which sacred sex can blossom
Engage the senses. Find a soft, beautiful blanket that is only for union with your beloved. Sprinkle rose petals around the space. Light candles and play music. I recommend getting a drone sound from an app for a neutral backdrop that encourages healing and a spiritual vibe. (Here's a full guide on how to create a romantic bedroom environment.)


4. Prepare your body
Shower or bathe—cleanliness is essential to meet the divine.

Adorn your body with oils, style your hair, wear makeup that makes you feel your best, and even put on jewelry if it makes you feel more spiritually centered. Wear a piece of clothing sacred to this space, this act—a robe, a slip, or something else you feel prepares your body and spirit to meet.


5. Begin sacred sex with an essential oils ritual
When you are both ready, enter into the circle of rose petals.

Join your third eyes together, breathing for six inhales and six exhales.

Take turns anointing each other with essential oils like sandalwood and rose. Place the oil on each other's crown, third eye, heart space, and genitals.


6. Follow your sexual intuition
Open yourself up to exploring sexual intimacy however you feel moved to do so. Let every session be unique and distinct unto itself.

Remember, being fully in the moment during sex means having a total awareness of our being right now. Practice looking into each other's eyes. Stay in the feeling of each moment. Drop into the visceral feeling of this experience.

If you're not sure where to begin, consider incorporating tantric sex practices. Tantra is a sexual practice that beautifully merges sex and spirituality. (Here's a beginner's guide to tantric sex.)


7. Experience a sacred orgasm
When you climax, practice drawing that energy into your heart. Feel the orgasm release (evolution) and simultaneously draw that bliss into your heart (involution). Visualize yourself and your partner joined inside a three-dimensional six-pointed star. For more experienced practitioners of sacred sex, you may wish to try having an energy orgasm.


8. Practice luxurious aftercare
In the afterglow, share thoughts and feelings on your experience—a practice known as aftercare. Enjoy some decadent dark chocolate. Laugh about your challenges with this new approach, and enjoy the expanded experience of your intimacy.

Sacred Sexuality is an opportunity to connect more deeply with your partner through the practices of Tantric teachings. This practice can bring about healing and create a deeper connection between you and your lover, allowing you both to experience the full spectrum of intimacy. Let me guide you on this journey of exploration and connection.