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An Indigo too?

Indigo, Crystal, & Starseed Children: Characteristics Revealed

By Tasha Shayne |

Transformation, Spirituality, Light Workers

It’s not uncommon for mothers to think their children are special; it’s only natural. But what happens when your child is literally out of this world? Crystal, Indigo, and Star Seed children are a certain kind of special, displaying characteristics that push the boundaries of what is assumed to be our reality. Over the past number of decades, there has been a growing number of children who seem to come from a place beyond this physical universe, in order to bring the world into a new state of consciousness.

Indigo Children Among Us

The identification of Indigo children, who have a proclivity toward certain psychological and spiritual attributes, was first popularized by San Diego parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tapp in the 1970s. The New York Times reported that Tappe noticed the emergence of children with a vibrational color that she had never seen before — one that coincided with a new brand of consciousness. Indigo refers to the indigo-hued aura that the youngsters emit.

Subsequently, the husband and wife team of Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, in their 1999 book The Indigo Children, further popularized the phenomenon. Carroll’s reported conversations with a spiritual entity named Kryon cemented the concept of indigo children not only among the general public, but also with a variety of doctors, educators, and psychologists. According to Carroll and Tober’s book, indigo children “come in knowing who they are — so they must be recognized, celebrated for their exceptional qualities, and guided with love and care.”

What is an Indigo Child?

Carroll explained, “Children are often the greatest blessing in life, and also the greatest challenge. Many books have been written about good parenting and child psychology, but what we noticed was different…The thought that we might be seeing a new human consciousness slowly arriving on the planet now — manifested in our children — goes way beyond established conservative thought.”

Essentially, Indigo children share traits that include a strong calling to make the world a better place, an innate knowledge of better ways to do things. They are natural “system busters” with a non-responsiveness to controlling and/or authority figures, a feeling of natural superiority, and an innate love for nature, plants, and animals.

As psychological counselors, Carroll and Tober had written a book that quickly became a guide of sorts for parents of unusually bright and active children, in a world where children are commonly overmedicated, attending schools devoid of creative environments, and in homes lacking sufficient time and attention from their parents.

Indigo Child Abilities

Maureen Healy, speaker, and leader in the field of children’s emotional health working with highly sensitive children wrote, “Indigos are intuitive, strong-willed and very sensitive. They have always felt different and here “for a reason” although they may not know what that is yet.” Healy attributes the following possible traits to Indigo children — having had intuitive experiences, a desire for a more fair and just world, having stood up (maybe alone) for what they believe in, having an interest in living a life of meaning instead of just making money, feeling sensitive in both a physical and emotional sense and having unusual things happen around them.

Other Indigo traits have been described as having a high IQ, acute intuition, self-confidence, resistance to authority, “old soul” qualities, sensitivity to chemicals and fluorescent lights, and disruptive tendencies. The latter is often diagnosed as an attention-deficit disorder or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The New York Times cited Doreen Virtue, a former psychotherapist who has written books and conducted lectures on indigo children, saying that such youngsters represent a leap in human evolution. She said, “They’re vigilant about cleaning the Earth of social ills and corruption, and increasing integrity.”

What is a Crystal Child?

Crystal children are another exceptional category of human beings, known to follow their hearts as idealists in a world limited and troubled by materialists. This means that crystal children are apt to flow with consciousness, rather than forcing their way through life and hardships in search of material success. Their ultimate goal seems to be firmly established in making the world a better place. Like Indigo children, crystal children also exude an “old soul” persona.

Characteristics of Crystal Children

According to psychic researcher Troi G, crystal children, the offspring of indigos, began to incarnate in greater numbers at the turn of this century. They commonly have a penetrating gaze, sometimes possess usual-colored and often round eyes; are sensitive, both mentally and physically; suffer from allergies and sensitivities caused by environmental factors; are spontaneous, and sometimes act without thinking through the consequences; love to climb; have a good sense of balance; are natural huggers (even with people they only just met); have no awareness of personal boundaries because they feel connected to all of humankind and, indeed, all living things; are healers and psychics; love music and singing, but hate loud noise; aren’t comfortable in noisy, over-crowded places and suffer from sensory overload; are badly affected by negative events, both in their personal sphere and worldwide; become helpers, care-ers, volunteers, healers and teachers; exude love for their family, pets and their friends; and are autodidacts — preferring to teach themselves what they want to learn (rather than what they’re told to focus on).

Crystal Child Abilities

To a trained psychologist, a great number of these qualities refer to introverted individuals, but those who hold tight to the concept of crystal children feel that there is also a tendency for these youngsters to want to uplift humanity and the natural world as a whole. Their entire lives’ purpose is devoted to a greater, universal cause.

Nikki Pattillo, a former clinical microbiologist and molecular biologist who now works with psychic children, noted that the main purpose of Crystal children “is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law of One or global oneness. They are also advocates for love and peace on this planet” and “are mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing.”

What are Starseed Children?

Star Seed children — also called star children — represent the umbrella group of people who are said to have been sent here from all areas of the universe to help the Earth and humanity. They are reported to possess psychic, spiritual, and other extrasensory abilities, and are bringers of peace, topplers of corrupt systems, and shifters of dimensional consciousness, now and in the future. Nikki Patillo wrote that these children “have come here on special assignment to assist in this rebirth into a higher dimensional Earth.”

Patillo noted that star children may be divided into the three categories of indigo, crystal, and rainbow individuals. “Star children have chosen specific parents who will help them develop their natural abilities. So if you are a parent of a child you know is different, your child probably chose you to help them help others in their spiritual path…The most wonderful aspect of Star children is their willingness to take on the world and learn to make their own way through it. Star children will get to the point where they are able to mold society into something that reflects their energies and values. The truth that they hold and defend so well will reflect their integrity and spirituality.”

Steven Aitchison, author of 100 Ways to Develop Your Mind, wrote that in the last 40 years or so, the Earth has been undergoing a new wave of energy, a wakeup call leading to a new dimension of existence of higher awareness and greater spirituality. He wrote, “Star Children play a big part of this collective wave, this energy shift. Star Children are well aware of why they are here and have many abilities that the human doesn’t have.” Thus, star children should be nurtured to grow their uniqueness and supernatural talents.

Common traits of star children are said to include clairvoyance and clairsentience, the propensity to trip electricity, manipulate the environment with the mind, telepathy, high intuition, heal with energy, detect danger, travel out of the body, act as channelers, and the ability to download information from other planets. Also listed as traits, according to Aitchison, are talents that a great many would still be resistant to believe, including the ability to levitate and teleport.

Are These Children Truly Special?

The question of whether crystal, indigo, and star seed children represent the latest in parental wishful thinking or even denial, or whether there are indeed special individuals helping us advance into a new state of consciousness remains highly contentious. Still, it is undeniable that many children simply do not fit the mold of normality, as they are contributing a new way of interacting, living, and relating in order to bring humanity out of the current dark age of divisiveness and destruction. Whether you believe in the existence of these children or not, they are undeniably leading us all to a greater sense of responsibility for each other and the planet.

10 Ways to Empower Your Indigo or Crystal Child

Indigo and Crystal Children are very sensitive to the energy balances in their environments. This can cause very ranged reactions in their emotions, and be quite debilitating in quality of life. Experiencing these peaks and valleys can be very trying, whether you are a parent or if you yourself are one of these gifted children. It is detrimental to their physical, emotional, and spiritual health to be yo-yo-ing back and forth, so empowering your Crystal or Indigo kids is extremely important for their futures surviving in the world.

Here are a few ideas that you can try that give the essentials of empowerment for your Children:

1. Breathing: the breath moves energy throughout the body. When Crystal or Indigo Children are frustrated, scared, hyper, or generally upset, you can ask them to take a moment. Have them stop what they are doing and breathe deeply by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. You can tell them to really exert the out blow like they are blowing their anger. Make it a fun game, and even do it with them.

2. Smudging: cleansing your house to help clear the distracting vibrations is a great way to create a soothing home base environment. When should you do it? Immediately after a tantrum, fight, or dissonance of any kind, after you have a lot of people over and on a regular basis. Make it part of your house cleaning routine, sometimes even daily. You will notice a distinct difference very quickly.

3. Staying Grounded: another very important step, there are many methods of how to get this accomplished. If you are looking for something quick and easy, intention and visualizing are your best bets. They can be done in a fast second at any time, anyplace, without anyone even noticing. One method some practitioners advise is to ask Gaia (or Mother Earth) for her permission for your grounding cord to enter the core of her being. Then, visualize a clear cord or clear rope coming from your root chakra (tail bone area) and entering Gaia.

It grows in length and continues to grow until it has been fully anchored into the core of Gaia. This grounding cord releases negative energy and also brings in positive energy. Set your intention to send all the negative energy down this cord, physically exhale, releasing it into Gaia. After the negative energy has all been released, with intention, bring up the positive life-giving earth energy with a physical inhale. Close by thanking Gaia. Have your kids make a monkey chain cord. It’s the intention that matters...


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